Cheap Guitar Mod Project 3: Dean Custom Zone 2 HB

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My new guitar just arrived in the mail, and I can’t wait to start on my latest mod project. I ordered a Dean Custom Zone 2 HB from a reputable online retailer. The guitar is a beautiful neon pink color, and I immediately fall in love with it.

I start by changing the tuners. As I remove the old tuners, I feel a cold wind blowing through the room. I ignore it and continue working. I replace the old tuners with new ones, and as I finish, I hear a noise from the guitar. It sounds like someone is crying, not in the way Steve Vai makes it sound like his guitar is crying.

I shrug it off and start working on the nut. I replace the old nut with a new one, and I hear a loud scream as I finish. I look around the room, but there is no one there. I shake off the feeling and continue working.

I move on to the pickups. I replace the old pickups with Planet Tones, and as I finish, I smell something horrible, like death mixed with old guitar strings. Something is wrong with this guitar, and I don’t mean the pink neck.

The frets need some work. As I begin filing the frets down, I hear a strange noise from the guitar. It sounds like someone is wailing in pain. I ignore it and continue working. Suddenly the power goes out, and I am plunged into darkness.

I hear the guitar start to play by itself. The sound is eerie and chilling, like a mixture of Linkin Park and Trans Siberian Orchestra. I try to find the light switch, but it is too dark. I stumble around in the darkness, trying to find my way out of the room. Suddenly I feel something grab me from behind.

Black slime is dripping from the input jack of my new guitar. The slime is moving toward me, and I scream as it engulfs me. I am pulled to the floor, and the last thing I see is the garish neon pink color of the guitar before everything goes dark.

I wake up and feel something cold and slimy wrap around me, squeezing the life out of me. I hear the guitar playing as I am being strangled. The tentacle pulls me towards the guitar, pulling me into the guitar’s body. I scream as the darkness consumes me. The last thing I hear is mocking laughter as my vision fades.

If anyone finds this story, please contact Reverb and tell them they are selling haunted guitars.

And…scene. I keep hoping my fiction will draw people to my site, but nothing so far. 

Yes, I bought this guitar because of how it looks. The pink neck is hilarious. 

Do not buy a guitar because of how it looks. This thing arrived with the worst setup of any guitar I have owned. 

The frets appeared to have been cut off at the neck and…that’s it. I don’t think much polishing was done. Gritty city. I had to crown the fret ends and file and polish the frets. It took a while, but it’s playing better now. 

I replaced the tuners with Harley Benton locking tuners. They are working well so far. You can see the standard cheap bridge below. Yuck! 

I replaced the tuners, bridge, pickups, nut, pots, and switch. The only thing left is the pink. Seriously, this guitar sucks. 

You can see the new Wilkinson bridge and the difference in block size. Huge improvement. 

The first two pictures show the original wiring. The third picture shows the new wiring before the pickups were installed. 

The guitar came with a three-way switch. I installed a five-way switch and wired the two and four positions to coil split. 

Thank you, thank you, I know. 

These are the Planet Tone pickups. The improvement from the stock pickups is off the charts. 

I have LEDs under the pickups and connected to a 9V battery. 

Part 2 is coming soon. I’m going to remove the fretboard and put LED strips underneath. Not a smart project, I know, but I’m committed.