List of Electric Guitar Companies

List of Electric Guitar Makers

Electric Guitar Companies

This is a list of every known electric guitar maker on the planet! Or it will be. This list is continuously updated and hopefully will be completed by 2025. Do you know how many electric companies there are? SO MANY. Luckily I am “loco” enough to work on this project. 

This list includes anyone who makes and sells guitars. This includes luthiers who only make one model and companies like Fender and Gibson. 

As expected, many examples of horrible web design are on display here. The artisans at these electric guitar companies are too busy hand-building instruments to worry about the finer points of website layout. 

There is no need to inform me about missing companies. This is a long-term work in progress that will require the inclusion of hundreds (thousands?) more companies. 

You will find many ideas in this list if you’re looking for a unique instrument. You can easily unload on a custom guitar if you have too much money. Some of these are $20,000!

10S, ChinaCrazy guitars. I love these. Reasonable prices. They have a 14-string!
42nd Street and Fender-style customs. 26-week build time.
Abasi Angeles, CAThese are crazy designs. Totally unique and bizarre. ~$3,500. Tobin Abasi's company.
Abernethy, CANice designs. These are Fender offset styles. $2,500 - $4,000.
Acacia, CACool headless designs. Looks like you need to contact them for a price.
AFJ Guitars Pobla Llarga, Valencia, SpainLots of nice Fender-style customs. You need to contact the company for a consult.
Alembicalembic.comSanta Rosa, CAVery expensive custom guitars and basses. Interesting history tied to The Grateful Dead.
Alex Bishop, UKIntriguing custom electrics. ~$3,500 base price.
Alexander James, Ontario, CanadaInteresting designs, but he's not taking orders at the moment.
Alfonso Iturra, ChileCreative custom instruments. These look great. You need to contact the builder for a quote. That means $$$$.
Alikat, AustraliaAluminum guitars. Crazy 1998 web design. Tons of cool, expensive models.
All In One (AIO) Canada Flintridge, CAAffordable Fender and Gibson-style customs.
Allison, TXThree styles of custom guitars starting at $4,000. Tons of options with prices listed.
ALP, ChinaWild headless guitars. These are insane. I can't tell how to order!
Alquier Guitars, FranceCrazy custom guitars made from bamboo and titanium. The website is partially broken.
Altero, Shiga, JapanMany custom options for affordable prices!
Aluminati Guitar Co., ILPrecision made guitars from sustainably sourced and nontraditional materials (aluminum, lucite).
Alumisonic Islip, NYAluminum and Wood Hybrid Guitars. Custom options include tone woods built into the aluminum body.
Antoria on Tees, UKAbout a dozen guitars listed. Horrible website.
Arcangeli, JapanNice selection. Mostly clones of Fender, Gibson, PRS.
Ares interesting models with quite a few custom options. Mama mia!
Aria, SwedenCustomizable Strat-style guitars. Call for price.
Aristides, NetherlandsVery interesing guitars. Highly customizable. I want one of these. Most start at around $3,000.
Arrenbie, BelgiumAbout five really interesting models available. Resonators and everything. Contact for a price. These must be ($$$$).
Aslin Dane, NYMade in Korea and set up in New York. Excellent prices! These look interesting.
Astha, IndiaAmazing charitable mission behind this company. All guitars are custom and under $1,000.
Atkin, Canterbury, Kent, UKReally nice Strat and Tele-style guitars. You need to contact them for a price, so get ready to sell some jewelry.
AttAck, LatviaI have no idea what is happening on this site, but these guitars are crazy unique.
Auerswald Instruments, GermanyThese guitars look like alien spacecraft! I can't tell if this company is still in business.
Austin Louis, MOBudget guitar line. Gibson and Fender-style guitars. $200 or so. These look good!
Avian, Ontario, CanadaCool designs for around $750. They sell jewelry!
AW Guitars, ORAW Guitars is currently in the planning stages of a new workshop and is not taking new orders at this time.
AXL, CAAXL makes one guitar - the JH-100 Delta Rose Hollowbody.
AXN, AZSweet 80s-style guitars, many with one pickup. Prices are around $3,500.
AYS, ChileHorrible website. Three different guitars, a solid body and two hollow bodies. They look nice, but no prices listed.
B&G, NC5 fully custom, carefully crafted models. No idea about price, but get ready to sell some jewelry.
b3 Guitars Paso, TXNice guitars that sort of resemble Les Paul Juniors. $1,300 - $2,500
BA Ferguson Aviv, IsraelVery nice designs start at $1,199 - $5,000 and go up from there. These are beautiful.
Bacce, SpainA couple of interesting designs for about $3,000.
Bacci, ItalyThis is a dual output baritone guitar. I don't know what this means! I don't know what this is!
Bachmann, ItalyBeautiful custom guitars, but you have to contact the company for details. That means $$$$!
Bacorn Custom Guitars, NYA few nice hollowbodies. I'm not sure about price. Likely expensive.
Bad Seed, New ZealandTitanium guitars! These are badass. All custom. Get ready to take out a second mortgage.
Bailey, ScotlandBeautiful custom guitars. I'm guessing these will be in the $5,000 range.
Balaguer, PASome nice finishes and relicing, and you can design a custom guitar on the site. Built in Korea and finished in the US.
Ballabio, ItalyThis website has crazy 1999 design elements. I cannot tell what is available for sale.
Banning, CABeautiful customs that are Rickenbacker-esque. Starting at $3,000.
BC Rich, FLTons of outlandish body styles. One model is called the Shredzilla!
Blade Guitars, SwitzerlandBeautiful guitars. They look expensive, but no prices on the site.
Blast Cult, EnglandUnusual designs like a hollowbody flying-v. You will spend around $4,000!
Bohemian Guitars, GAOil can guitars. No inventory available at the moment.
Burns London, EnglandVery interesting and attractive instruments. You need to email to get a price.
C. Dufour, FranceFive handmade styles.Very nice. Each style is different. Around $2,000. All guitars can be 7-string and lefty.
C.F. Holcomb Cruz, CAWe're dealing with 2001 web design, here. A handful of beautiful electrics and resonators. $6000 - $20000 (!!!!)
C.R. Alsip, GAThese look fantastic. Pretty expensive.
Christine Caillot, FranceOnly two electric models. I'm not sure if these are still available.
California Guitars, CANice Strat and Tele-style custom models for around $2,000. 2003 web design.
Caparison Guitars, great selection. Lovely guitars in the $3,500 range
Capelli, FranceThis website is not exactly blowing my mind. Some unusual custom designs. I think you need to email for a quote.
Caracik Paulo, Brazil5 nice designs. I don't know how much these cost. Courses also offered.
Cardinal Instruments, TXSome nice designs with lots of wood grain on display. Custom shop available. These start at around $2,500.
Carillion, Surrey, EnglandBeautiful handmade models. Luthier Chris Delia. Prices start at $5,300!
Carlino, MAThis website is something else. This is a guitar store, but they also make guitars. Crazy.
Carlton Downs, Victoria, Australia1999 web design. Nice Fender-style models. Custom builds available. You need to email to buy one, I think.
Carparelli, Ontario, CanadaIn addition to some nice custom guitars, this site sells pickups and all kinds of accessories. 2006 web design.
Carpinteri, ItalyThis company makes a cool Brian May-style guitar and a couple of Fender styles. $2,500 - $6,000.
Carrozza Paulo, BrazilPlenty of Gibson and Fender clones, but they also make original models with active pickups that look amazing. Custom builds available.
Carruthers, CaliforniaFour custom models, repairs and mods, tube amp repairs
Charvel, AZCharvel is making some nice instruments. Many are ~$1,000.
Collings Guitars, TXClassy hollow, semi-hollow, and solid-body guitars. Modeled after classic Gibson styles.
Cort Guitars, South KoreaAttractive guitars with some great features. They make a seven string and an eight string.
D'Alegria Custom Made de Janeiro, BrazilThis website isn't blowing me away. You basically need to contact the company and tell them what you want.
D'Ambrosio Angeles, CAI do not like this style of web design - there's no menu. Commissioned custom guitars. This means $$$$$.
D'Angelico Guitars, NYSeveral beautiful, elegant designs in the $1,000 - $2,000 range.
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Nuys, CASome fun designs available, but I can't find prices.
Danelectro, CAThese are wacky guitars (in a good way). Famous for lipstick pickups. Most are under $1,000.
Daniels Guitars, Surrey, EnglandThis web design makes me want to run into traffic. Lovely Gibson and Fender-style customs. You need to email, so get ready to sell plasma.
Danocaster, TNBeautiful clones of Strats, Teles, Jazzmasters, and Fender basses. Expect to spend around $5,000.
Danou, SwitzerlandA couple of unusual models. Custom builds are available.
DasViken Prénessaye, FranceAmazing customs made from cabinet doors and wine barrels. Starting from around $2,500.
Dean, FLTons of guitars. Many of these are geared toward metal players. Prices all over the map.
Diamond Guitars, INSleek, modern designs. Prices are very reasonable.
Duesenberg, GermanyTwo guitars and a lap steel. Top notch stuff.
Eastwood Guitars, Ontario, CanadaEastwood owns the old Airline brand name. Crazy guitars on this site. Well worth a look.
Eko Guitars, TNI hope you're familiar with Epiphone.
Electrical Guitar Company, JapanYou know ESP, right? If not, check them out!
Epiphone, ItalyAbout ten very nice guitars. There aren't many dealers for these, so it may be a bit of work to make a purchase.
Ernie Ball Music Man, ALAcrylic and aluminum guitars. Aluminum necks. What's going on here? Guitars are ~$3,000
ESP Luis Obispo, CAMany amazing, expensive guitars on this site. Go for it!
Fano Guitars, AZEach guitar is hand-built by one builder and made to order. Prices aren't listed, but you know it's $$$$.
Fenderhttps://fender.comLos Angeles, CAIf you don't know Fender I want you to cut me a switch.
Fernandes, JapanCrazy website. Guitars appear to range from $600 - $1,200. Nice designs.
Flaxwood Guitars, FinlandGuitars are made from a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite. Are these guitars or alien spacecraft?
Framus, GermanyInnovative designs. Get out your credit card.
FujiGen, JapanQuite a few attractive guitars priced from $500 - $2,800.
G&L, CALeo Fender's post-Fender company. Many great instruments. Custom shop options available.
Gibsonhttps://gibson.comNashville, TNIf you don't know Gibson I want you to take a long walk off a short pier.
Godin Guitars, Quebec, CanadaExcellent guitars in the $800 - $2,000 range.
Gordon Smith Ferrers, EnglandLovely guitars selling for around $1,000 - $2,000. Strat/Tele/Les Paul-style, mostly.
Gretsch, GAYou probably know Gretsch. Everyone loves these classy guitars.
Guild Guitar Company, CAAmazing vintage designs: $700 - $2,000.
HagströmÄlvdalen, SwedenSome very cool guitars from the land of fermented shark. Many Gibson styles.
Hamer Heights, ILA handful of nice guitars modeled after PRS and Gibson styles.
Harley Benton, GermanyA Thomann brand. Known for durable budget instruments that are fun to mod. Excellent quality for the price.
Harmony, MIVintage-style guitars in the $1,200 range. Nothing really stands out.
Heritage Guitars, MIStarted by former Gibson employees. Beautiful custom shop guitars cost up to $10,000.
Höfner, GermanyVery thin semi-hollow and Shorty solidbodies. Interesting German guitars.
Huss & Dalton, VALes Paul-style guitars. Super nice stuff!
Ibanez Nagoya, Aichi, JapanIbanez has a billion guitars. You know Ibanez.
Italia Guitars Ana, CARetro styles. Definitely unusual. Most models are under $1,000.
Jackson, AZKnown for thin guitars favored by hard rock and metal players. Did you know Fender owns Jackson?
Jolana Hořovice, Czech RepublicA few Fender and Gibson-style guitars with interesting twists.
Kiesel, CAFuturistic designs. These look amazing. $1,500 - $3,000.
Koll Guitars, ORHandcrafted boutique guitars. Very nice. $2,000 - $5,000+
Kramer, TNMany "hard rock" style guitars. I want the Dave "The Snake" Sabo Signature. Reasonable prices.
L.J. Williams Valley, Mangonui, New ZealandUltra-limited runs of a single instrument priced between $4,500 and $8,000 depending on final specs.
Lado, CanadaUnique custom designs. I'm not sure if these are still being made.
Laid Back, JapanA Shimamura brand. Cool Fender-style models will cost you around $500.
Lairat, FranceVery fancy custom guitars made by Paul Lairat. Absolutely beautiful, but $$$$.
Lakland Guitars, ILThree styles priced $1,100 - $2,500.
Lambe (Wes), NCSuperb custom-built instruments.
Languedoc Guitars, VTPaul Languedoc ran sound for Phish for many years. Now he makes hard to find guitars costing up to $20,000.
Larose, TXLuthier Todd D'Agostino makes some choice instruments, but I can't tell if he's still selling guitars.
Larrivée, CAOne electric guitar style for sale, a $3,600 tele that looks pretty sweet. Components are top of the line.
Leduc, FranceWait time of three years for a custom guitar, and that's if they're accepting orders. The website is something else.
Lee Hooker, CRCustom Strat and Tele styles with a twist. I'll take two.
Legator Valley, CAThere is a goddamn 9-string guitar here. These bold designs shock the senses.
Legend Custom Guitars, Nova Scotia, CanadaMany excellent guitars here featuring beautiful details.
LEGG, ItalyA handful of exquisite guitars that are of course $$$$.
Lehmann, NYTwo hollow bodies going for ~$2,000. They look like they sound great. Website isn't winning awards.
Lentz Guitar Marcos, CAClassically-styled custom guitars. Contact the company for a quote. You know what that means: $$$
Lewis Guitar Works, UKSmall numbers of very amazing custom guitars available at any given time.
Licea Island City, NY$3,000 bamboo guitars. I have never seen anything like these.
Lieber Creek, NYSpecialized and expensive custom guitars. Lieber made guitars for Jerry Garcia.
Liggett Guitars, OKInteresting and unusual custom guitars. $1,000 deposit required to get started, so get out your credit card.
Linc Luthier, TNCustom semi-hollow guitars. $2,000 - $4,000. 1999 website alert.
Lindo, UKBamboo guitars at a reasonable price.
Lloyd Prins, OKMany custom guitars, but the real story is custom graphics. You can get whatever you want on your instrument.
Logan Custom Guitarshttps://logancustomguitars.comDelafield, WIAmazing custom guitars. Mainly Fender styles. Most are around $1,000.
London City guitars and styles: Tele, Les Paul, Fender Offset, Strat, ES-335
Lootnick, PolandTotally custom guitars from Poland. These look real nice.
Lospennato, GermanyWild custom designs. I love these. I have no idea how to buy one.
Lottonen, FinlandThree 335-style jazz guitars. ~$4,000.
Loucin******Website update in progress
Lowe, FLWild art deco designs. Contact Lowe to see what's available.
Loxley Custom Guitars, UKAmazing custom guitars in the $4,000 range. Only a handful made each year.
LSL Clarita, CACustom guitars in Fender and Gibson styles. Hand wound pickups and thin nitro lacquer.
Luminous Guitars, OROne man operation. Very cool guitars, but I can't tell if the business is still running.
Luna Guitarworks, IndonesiaNice custom guitars. Everything is sold out at the moment.
Lush Hollywood, CACrazy Flash website. I can't tell if this guy still makes guitars.
Luxxtone, CA7 badass custom guitars starting at around $2,800.
M-Tone, ORWild, unique custom guitars starting at $5,500. These blow me away. The price blows my bank account away.
Macmull, IsraelHigh quality custom guitars from around $3,000 - $8,000.
MacPherson, BC, CanadaSeveral very nice custom guitars ~$2,000.
Mada Guitars, AustriaDefinitely some interesting guitars. Looks like you have to make an appointment! You know what that means ($$$$).
Magneto, FranceClassy guitars. Many Fender-style. Looks like you'll spend $3,000 - $4,000.
Magnus, GermanyA few Fender-style customs. Looking good for $2,000 or so.
Malinoski, RIIncredible custom guitars. So much detail. Old stock tonewoods. Looks like $4,000 to start.
Mallia (J.B.) Lutherie, MDThis web design uses frames. Wild. The guitars are cool. Instruments are available through Reverb.
Malone Guitars, AustraliaCustom guitars since 1987. Classy stuff!
Mancuso, United KingdomA few Tele-style customs.
Manne, SicilyYou need to fill out a form to get an estimate for a custom guitar. 1999 web design alert.
Manson Guitar Works, ItalyLots of customization options available for these guitars. You will have to request a quote.
Manzer, UKMatt Bellamy from Muse owns the majority stake. Reasonably priced guitars with interesting features (Sustainiac).
Mapson, Ontario, CanadaCustom jazz archtops. You need to get on a waiting list.
Marchione Ana, CACustom Archtops. No new orders currently.
Marconi LAB, TXMany beautiful custom instruments. You need to reach-out for a quote.
Margasa, ItalyUnusual custom guitars and tributes like EVH Frankenstrat and SRV Strat. ~$3,000 - $4,000
Mariner, MEOne man operation. Limited number of custom builds available.
Mario Guitars, NYThree highly customizable models. Lots of cool options available for these.
Mark Gilbert, TNGood stuff here for ~$3,000 Looks like you need to put something on backorder.
Martper, Tasmania, AustraliaFour Fender/Gibson-style custom models. Beautiful woodwork. $3,500 - $4,500.
Mason, SpainInsane steampunk designs. So cool. $1,500 - $2,000
Mattos, UTSeveral interesting models for ~$1,500
McConnell Guitars, METele-style customs. The Studio Standard starts at $1,495 including hard case and domestic shipping
McCurdy, Manitoba, CanadaThese are luxury custom guitars. You need to email to for a price and wait time. These must be $$$$.
McKay, NYHandcrafted custom guitars. Quite expensive. $1,500 deposit required.
McLoughlin, Ontario, CanadaUnique designs. Very nice wood presentation. Unusual web design.
McNaught, ILStrat and Tele-style guitars. Awesome relicing. They also make pickups.
MDX, Ohio8 Custom models. These look great. I especially like the Flying V. You can easily spend $4,000.
Megas, GAThis website is insane. I cannot tell if guitars are still available.
Metalin, ORFancy custom archtops. You could spend $10,000+.
Meyrick James, MOAluminum guitar bodies! Looks like you need to email for a quote.
Michael Kelly, Monmouthshire, WalesHandmade, hand crafted electric guitars. Instruments start at $2,200
Michael Stevens, FLLots of models for extremely affordable prices.
Micheilin-Saloman, TXOrders on hold until 2023. Exquisite designs.
Mike Lull, NorwayExtremely brilliant designs. You need to talk to the luthier about what you're seeking. You know what this means: $$$
Rick Maguire, WACustom basses and guitars. All are ~$5,000.