List of Guitar Pickup Manufacturers

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It’s hard to find an accurate list of every known electric guitar pickup manufacturer…because no one has been “loco” enough to attempt such a list. Until now.

Let’s be honest. Many pickup companies have terrible websites. These people love coils of wire, not lines of code! Often these entities vanish, leaving confused guitar mod enthusiasts to begin the search for great tone from scratch yet again.

Not this time.

I am aggregating all known pickup manufacturer websites into a well-curated list. If you find a dead link or know of a missing company let me know via the contact form and you will receive something special*.

In order to take full advantage, please print or export this table to assist you in this journey for incredible tone.

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ABM, GermanyVintage-style pickups. P90, Filtertron. High-end metal part custom shop.
Adeson recreations using vintage eqipment. Vintage web design, as well!
Aero, HICustom manufactured guitar and bass pickups in hundreds of configurations. 1996 web design makes me feel insane.
Aguilar, NYBoutique bass pickups.
Allparts, TXSelling pickups from Razor, Bartolini, Burns London, Lace, Gotoh, Danelectro.
Alonzo, USAGood variety of highly customizable pickups.
Amalfitano Worth, TXVintage-style and bass pickups.
Amber selection of vintage-style pickups.
Anderson Guitarworks Park, CASo many options here.
Angeltone Electronics, WIThis is barely even a website.
Arcane Inc Angeles, CASolid array of boutique guitar and bass pickups.
Arnsparger web design is bonkers. Lots of handwound pickups. Pickup repair & rewind available.
Balaguer, PAVintage-style and modern-style pickups. All are wax-potted and scatterwound.
Bare Knuckle, Cornwall, UKThese are hot right now! If you don’t know BK, you just need to check out the site.
Bartolini Luis Obispo, CAUnique single coils and humbuckers. Many combine Alnico and ceramic magnets.
Benedetti Raphael, FranceStriking looking pickups, and a pickup custom shop.
Benson Custom, NYNice selection of custom handwound pickups.
BGhttps://www.bgpickups.netSouth Park, COLarge selection! Cool variety.
Black Diamond Guitars, PAFive humbuckers for sale. Vintage-style to metal.
Bootstrap, USAGood variety of handwound traditional-style pickups. 2 week backlog, so get that order ready!
Bulldoghttps://bulldogpickups.6.ekm.shopBrockholes, EnglandHumbucker, Strat, Tele, P90. Mostly vintage-style, some modern.
Carella, ItalyThis site is in Italian, and I’m not sure what’s going on, but they do make pickups.
Catswhisker, single coil, P90, bass. Nice selection.
Cecca Guitars, FranceCool variety of P90-style pickups.
Coils Boutique Aviv & BerlinLarge collection of custom pickups. Interesting company.
Crel, FranceMostly bass pickups, but they also have some Strat, Tele, and Humbuckers.
Curtis Novakhttps://www.curtisnovak.comYucca Valley, CABeautiful, unique designs. Large selection of guitar and bass pickups.
Darkmoon, NYVintage & modern-style humbuckers, Strat, Tele, P90, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, P-bass, J-bass
De Lisle, IN9 various style pickups. Strat, P90, Filtertron, PAF, mini-humbucker
Dean Zelinsky Park, ILThe Sidekick can be used as a humbucker and a single coil without coil spilitting. I know! Check it out.
DeTempleSherman Oaks, CA4 vintage-style pickups (Tele & Strat).
DiMarzio, NYYou know about Dimarzio.
Dommenget, GermanyLarge selection of handmade humbuckers and single coils. The Scorpions use these! You know, Rock You Like A Hurricane?
Don Mare Beach, CA1997 web design is bonkers. Sales pages only open on the 20th of each month. Looks like mostly vintage-style.
DS Pickups, Tele-style, Humbuckers from vintage-style to high output. Interesting selection.
Dylan Pickups is Dylan from the Dylan Talks Tone YouTube channel. Good variety of handwound pickups.
E-Dishttp://www.edispickups.comZadar, CroatiaSingle coil, humbucker, and jazz bass pickups. Looks like they’re all handwound by one guy. Bad website, great pickups.
EMG Rosa, CAYou know EMG!
Eternal Guitars, UKSo many vintage-style pickups!
EVH, AZFrankenstrat and Wolfgang humbuckers.
Fastback, WAHigh gain/high output pickups.
Fender Angeles, CAI hope you know Fender.
Fishman, MACutting-edge active pickups!
Gemini Pickups, Flintshire, WalesUnique handmade pickups, including many mini-humbuckers. All humbuckers are coil tapped, which is certainly unusual.
Gibson, TNI will be disappointed if you don’t know Gibson.
Goeldo, GermanyHumbucker, P90, single coil, bass.
Guitar Fetish, FLLarge selection including Kwikplug interchangeable pickups.
Haeussel, GermanyVintage-style guitar and bass pickups.
Hanson, ILMostly bass pickups. Three guitar pickups.
Harmonic Design, Tele, Gibson pickups. Crazy 1997 web design. Interesting custom shop.
High Orderhttp://www.highorderpickups.comUnknownTerrible website. Hard to navigate. But there are several pickups available, handwound and totally custom.
JM Rolph web design. I can’t even tell if the company still exists. This page has a counter!
Joe Barden (JBE), NCLarge selection. Springsteen uses these!
Josh Parkin (JPG), UKMany handwound pickups, including Firebird and Filtertron!
JS Moore, CanadaAnother horrible website, but an impressive list of custom-wound pickups.
Juicy Pickups, EnglandVintage-style hand scatterwound on original 1950s coil winder.
KAMI en Barrois, FranceHandmade scatterwound pickups.
Kent Armstrong Fort Myers, FLVintage, high output, hot rod, archtop, split tube. Mama mia!
Keystone Pickups Angeles, CAStrat-style, Tele-style, dual blade humbuckers. Still handmade. This website certainly won’t win any design awards.
Kinman multi-Patented “Hum Cancelling Technology”. Nice selection.
Kleinhttps://www.kleinpickups.comDenton, TXMassive selection of vintage reproductions. Klein chemically analyzes vintage magnets and wire, then reproduces them.
Kloppmann, GermanyStrat, Tele, PAF, P90
Lace, CATons of pickups here. Claim to have the quietest single coils. Lace Sensor, Alumitone. Interesting technology.
Lambertones, WAHandmade pickups built by caffeine addicts. Small collection of well-designed products. Great website!
Lane Poor River, MANo information on site. Still ‘under construction’. One working link to a store. They may only sell bass pickups? I can’t tell.
LeoSounds, GermanyMany vintage-style pickups. Looks like quality stuff. They will rewind your pickups!
Lindy Fralin, VAFralin is pretty well-known. Lots of handmade vintage-style pickups. This company is around 25 years old.
Lollar, WALoads of handmade pickups. They even make many parts at their facility. A nice website for once!
Lundgren, SwedenAbout 15 pickups. Good variety.
Manson, UKA handful of hand-assembled humbuckers.
MJShttps://www.mjscustompickups.comOntario, CanadaMJS makes their own bobbins and calibrates their own magnets. Nice selection includes 7-string and 8-string pickups.
Moar, DenmarkLooks like these are made by one person. Totally custom made after you order.
Mojo Yorkshire, EnglandOne guy does everything. Many cool vintage-style pickups. How does he do it all?
Mojotone, NCLoads of built-to-order pickups. I smell quality!
Moollon, South KoreaKorean company. Several vintage-style pickups.
Morch, DenmarkNice selection includes several active pickups.
Motor City, MIBananas 1998 web design. 4 categories: Extreme, Modern, Vintage Hot Rod, Old School.
Nordstrand, CANice selection of traditional, modern, and signature pickups.
Ormsby, Western AustraliaLots of unique, handwound pickups to go with the unique guitars.
Owen Duffyhttps://ocduffpickups.comShaftsbury, VTLoads of handmade pickups. 24 Tele-style pickups alone.
OX4, UKEach pickup is made to order, hand wound and assembled.
Planet Toneplanettone.comDenver, COLarge variety of pickups made to order.
Porterhttps://www.porterpickups.comBoise, IDCustom wound pickups with detailed options available.
Q-Tuner neodymium boutique pickups. Neodymium has a much stronger magnetic field than conventional magnets.
Railhammer, OHStarted by the guy behind Reverend Guitars. Humbuckers and P90-style. Looks like good stuff.
Rautia Guitars, FinlandVariety of hand-assembled pickups with custom parts. Finland has the best schools, do they also have the best pickups?
Raw Vintage, USAPeriod correct handmade pickups. A great website! Custom saddles and springs.
Rio Grande GrandeEclectic mix including Gretsch, mini-humbuckers, 7-string, and acoustic. This is looking like 2001 web design.
Ron Ellis, CAVintage-style pickups. Only has a Facebook page. Email with order inquiries.
Rose, CA***CLOSED*** due to impatient customers!
RS Guitãrworks, KY7 custom wound varities available.
Rumpel Stiltskinhttps://www.rumpelstiltskinpickups.comBoyce, VACustom Strat, Tele, and bass pickups.
Seymour Duncan Barbara, CAOdds are you’re aware of SD.
Sheptone, CALots of vintage and modern handcrafted pickups.
Sin, USA10-or-so totally custom pickups. Mindblowing 1996 web design. I honestly can’t tell if this company still exists.
SK Guitar 1997 web design will leave you speechless. Completely custom pickups. Individual quote required.
SP Customhttp://www.spcustompickups.comCadenet, FranceLarge selection of custom pickups.
Stephens Design, OR6 handmade vintage-style options available. Interesting web design choices.
Suhr Elsinore, CAAbout 15 classy handmade pickups.
Swing, South KoreaKorean company. Good stuff here.
The CreameryManchester, UKMany custom handwound pickups. Repairs and rewinds.
Tone Emporium, Canada~25 sets of vintage-style pickups.
Tone Hatch, NEHandwound Strat-style and Tele-style.
Tornade Germain sur Morin, FranceAbout a dozen vintage-style pickups.
Tradition Guitars, SCTradition PAF Humbuckers!
TV Jones, WAFamous brand. Unique offerings.
Van Zandt, TXAbout a dozen vintage-style pickups.
Veritas Pleasant, TNRugged, handmade pickups.
Vintage Vibe CATons of pickups available. Spectacular 1999 web design.
Wilde Angeles, CAAll kinds of options. Many blade pickups.
Wolfetonehttps://www.wolfetone.comMountlake Terrace, WANice vintage and modern custom pickups.
Zhangbuckerhttp://www.zhangbucker.comKansas City, MOLots of bizarre religious discussion on here. Also pickups.