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Guitar Mod Supplies

Guitar Mod SuppliesProduct Description

CTS 500k Potentiometer
500k pots for adding push/pull functionality to humbuckers (for coil split, etc.)
Fender Five-Way Selector Switch5-Way switch to select pickups
SwitchCraft Mono Input JackSwitchCraft Mono Input Jack
s l640 1 | Mod Cheap Guitars | metal knobs for volume and tone pots
5027 1 2500 | Mod Cheap Guitars |’t use WD-40!
1708bb63 f358 4ebb a395 a15687d5c27a.ec847d85d5b42671042451dac62954d7 | Mod Cheap Guitars | need to cover up any bare wire.
download | Mod Cheap Guitars |
41AldrGDZ3L | Mod Cheap Guitars | your soldering iron in here to clean the tip.
copper foil tape | Mod Cheap Guitars | the pickup and control cavities of your guitar to prevent electronic interference from hitting the signal chain.
tmt tmt tc 2 | Mod Cheap Guitars | the tip of your soldering iron in this when you’re done for the day. Protects the tip.
s l640 | Mod Cheap Guitars | solder.
505c2f39 5260 46a9 b150 c4d505512b21 1.9388ef45ad004c82de1e3f74d66132ea | Mod Cheap Guitars | visor to help with detailed wiring work. Head lamp and magnifying lenses included.
4fe52a2e ee81 463c bfd9 023706b13970.9577a4c65dee0f0a3941d068bbf1a031 | Mod Cheap Guitars | wick. One of the only ways to clean solder after you get a big glob on the wrong metal parts.
317LWplpb8L | Mod Cheap Guitars | thing is a lifesaver when you’re trying to solder in cramped cavities.
s l500 | Mod Cheap Guitars | are nice for holding wires together and covering bare wires.
s l500 1 1 | Mod Cheap Guitars | to check for high spots and frets. Also great for setting action.
New FretGuru File RAW Main ON WHITE Mod FINAL 4 5 PS w © | Mod Cheap Guitars | Dagger. File high spots on frets.
images | Mod Cheap Guitars | it easy to check neck relief.
6m long gavitt vintage style pre tinned pushback guitar wire 22 awg 22ga | Mod Cheap Guitars | wire for installing everything in the control cavity
s l500 1 | Mod Cheap Guitars | Pre-wired LED. Used on Harley Benton and Dean Custom Zone mod projects.
047 SPRAGUE | Mod Cheap Guitars |
H875102d65451482d970e9d5ac07356eeH | Mod Cheap Guitars |

Wilkinson WVC-SB Guitar Tremolo Bridge

s l500 | Mod Cheap Guitars | Iron


Guitar Cables

Guitar CablesProduct Description
Mogami Gold INSTRUMENT-10R Guitar Instrument Cable, 1/4″ TS Male Plugs, Gold Contacts, Right Angle and Straight Connectors, 10 Foot
PRS Signature Instrument Cable – 18 Feet Straight-Angle
GLS Audio Guitar Cable – Amp Cord for Bass & Electric Guitar – Straight to Right Angle 1/4 Inch Instrument Cable
D’Addario Planet Waves American Stage Instrument Cable 20′ ST-RA
Lava van den Hul Hybrid Instrument Cable Straight to Straight 10 ft.
Ernie Ball Instrument Cable, 1/4″ Right Angle, Neon Yellow, 10 ft.ect.
Red Dragon Instrument Cable – Noiseless for Electric Guitar and Bass – 20Foot TS 1/4Inch Straight PL
Vox Premium Vintage Coil Guitar Cable VCC-90BK 9m
Fender Deluxe Instrument Cable – Tweed, 15 feet

Guitar Pickups


GuitarsProduct Description
Ibanez GRX70QA. Mod Project 1 Guitar.
Matt RecommendsHarley Benton TE-20HH SBK. Mod Project 2 Guitar.
Squier Affinity Strat (Under $300)
RG421 | Mod Cheap Guitars | RG421 (Under $300)
EpiphoneLesPaulSpecial2 | Mod Cheap Guitars | Les Paul Special II Plus (Under $300)
gretsch g5425 | Mod Cheap Guitars | G5425 Electromatic Jet Club (Under $300)
Jackson JS32 Dinky (Under $300)
Sterling by Music Man – Cutlass (Under $300)
Dean Custom Zone Solid Body (Under $300)
indio | Mod Cheap Guitars | by Monoprice 66 DLX Plus (Under $300)
Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112 (Under $300)


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