Pink Electric Guitars

Pink Electric Guitars

That’s right, pink electric guitars. I’m starting to think pink is the greatest color for a guitar. Maybe it’s my hair metal roots. I have two pink guitars myself, and I can’t be sure that the color doesn’t improve the tone.

This article will only cover garish instruments. Many guitars are available in tasteful shades of rose and coral, but I’m choosing to break down some loud pink guitars that will stun people close to you. 

czoneflp 1 | Mod Cheap Guitars |

Dean Custom Zone Florescent Pink

This tasteful guitar is under $300 and has a pink neck! I bought this guitar because of how ridiculous it looks, and it arrived with the worst setup of any guitar I have purchased. 

I replaced the pickups with Planet Tone pickups. I installed a new bridge, tuners, pots, switch, and nut. The only original feature remaining is the pink. 

The frets were a nightmare. They seemed to have been cut at the fretboard and…that’s it. I had to level and crown the frets and file and round the ends. It took a while. Maybe you will get lucky and purchase a Custom Zone with a quality setup. 

Now that this guitar is in good shape with new hardware, I like it. The neck is actually comfortable, and with the action set and new pickups installed, this is a solid instrument. I recommend it for modding. 

PRS2 | Mod Cheap Guitars |

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24

Coming in at $850, this gem is the exact opposite of the Dean, which it should be considering the price difference. 

This color is Bonnie Pink, and it looks fantastic with the visible wood grain. This guitar arrived perfectly set up and ready to play. The smooth fret ends nearly made me weep after dealing with the Custom Zone. 

The only change I made was to install locking tuners. Everything else is fantastic. The pickups are perfect. I highly recommend this pink beast. 

Ibanez Pink 2 | Mod Cheap Guitars |
This attractive guitar comes in at around $400, which is generally a good price point for Ibanez. The RG is a core Ibanez series known for reliability. 
It’s difficult to see in the picture, but the sparkle pattern is dense without being tacky. 

The body is meranti, a somewhat unusual choice for body wood. This is a standard soft, porous wood similar to basswood. This guitar has a maple Wizard III neck, which is flat and designed for speed. 

Jackson 1 | Mod Cheap Guitars |

Jackson X Series Soloist SL1X

This Jackson sells for $850 and comes with Duncan Designed pickups. This is the first I’m hearing of this option from Seymour Duncan. 

Duncan Designed pickups are made in Korea and are modeled after several popular Seymour Duncan USA pickups. These pickups come installed in various midrange guitars. 

This guitar is at the high end of guitars shipping with Duncan Designed. I think that $850 justifies Seymour Duncan pickups, but I need to hear a comparison before truly deciding. 

Other features include a platinum pink poplar body and a Floyd Rose locking tremolo system.  This is a good-looking instrument, but this isn’t my first choice at the same price as the PRS. 

EVH1 | Mod Cheap Guitars |

EVH 5150 Standard Electric Guitar

Coming in at $1,100, this guitar features a Floyd Rose tremolo system and EVH pickups. Basswood body and maple neck. 

These pickups are constructed with Alnico 2 magnets. These are lower output with warm, mellow tones. It’s easy to forget that Eddie didn’t use monster high output pickups. 

The EVH D-Tuna (ha!) is included to instantly drop the low E down to D. Important for when you’re playing Unchained. 

Due to the cost, you probably don’t want to leave a lit cigarette in the headstock like Eddie did. 

JEM Pink | Mod Cheap Guitars |


Ibanez Steve Vai JEMJRSP

This is the lower-priced entry-level JEM selling for around $500. 

This guitar features a mahogany body, a Wizard III neck, and a double-locking tremolo. 

The JEM was first released in 1987. Wow. The Jr. is well-reviewed by consumers and is similar to the original model in many ways. The pickups are surprisingly similar to Steve’s Dimarzio pickups in the original JEMS. 

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with owning many pink electric guitars. They are attention-grabbing, fun, playful, and can distract from your horrible technique. 

I am on the lookout for pink amps, so hopefully a new article is coming soon.