Unboxed | Fender Mod Shop Strat

The Fender Mod Shop is the semi-custom shop. There are many options to customize a Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Precision Bass, Jazz Bass, Acoustasonic Strat, or Acoustasonic Tele. There aren’t as many options as the Custom Shop, of course, but the price is much lower. 

I wanted to try the Mod Shop for a while to try to make a Strat I had been picturing. I wanted an orange guitar with an HSH pickup configuration. Why not get an SSS, is a question I’m hearing. 

Well voice in my head, I like the versatility of this pickup configuration and it looks great with my final design. 

Fender Mod Shop Stratocaster

It looks amazing. It was fairly expensive. Over $2,000. But I think the orange looks great with the roasted maple neck and the gold hardware. 

There are some delightful color options here, and the opportunity to design an instrument to such a level of detail is fascinating. No one else will have the same guitar, and the build quality is exceptional. 

Look, it’s probably overpriced. But Fender knows what they’re doing – it’s fun to customize using this interface. Here are some other designs I created. Don’t worry, I didn’t purchase these. 

Fender Mod Shop Strat
Fender Mod Shop
Fender Mod Shop

So, is my Fender Mod Shop Strat worth the price? 

Fender Mod Shop
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